Video solution keeps Fulton Hogan on track

Fulton Hogan in New Zealand specialises in building and maintaining transport and civil infrastructure so that communities across Australasia can function safely and efficiently.

The company's 5,500 strong team helps to create, connect and care for communities by building and maintaining roads, ports, airports, infrastructure and property.

The Challenge

Fulton Hogan uses a video surveillance solution to monitor yard safety, vehicles, and equipment being moved to and from the company’s yards, but their old system just wasn’t up to the task. The cameras were of marginal quality, producing out-of-focus or difficult to analyse footage, and the image storage was very limited. The system was also challenging for administrators to manage, and so unfriendly to use that only a handful of staff actually used it.

As a result, it was challenging to review incidents or trace any company equipment that was damaged or lost.  

The Datacom Difference

After understanding the challenges with the old system, we set about designing a new solution that would provide the highest quality and visibility over vehicles and equipment at the lowest cost, integrating with existing hardware where practical. By repositioning and refocusing existing cameras, and replacing some with new ones, Fulton Hogan have significantly improved the visibility of vehicle movements and equipment, day and night.

The solution is integrated into Microsoft Active Directory, with a simple, Internet Explorer-like look which makes it easy to use thereby enabling a wider group of managers to utilise the system for multiple monitoring functions.

Fulton Hogan now enjoy a high level of visibility of their environment with a full responsive support service for the video surveillance technology provided by Datacom. 

“We selected Datacom because of their professional approach, honesty and expertise in solving both security and IT problems.”

Bruce Goodall, Divisional Manager,  Contracting Services - Fulton Hogan